Marrakesh, the “Red City”, certainly lives up to its poetic nickname. The medieval walls around the historic old town are perfectly preserved. They give the city a fascinating look and the walls come into their own at dusk, when they slowly start to illuminate as the sun sets. 


Marrakesh is known for its  beautiful maze-like streets, teeming marketplaces, beautiful architecture, and gardens. South of the Medina is the vibrant square, Jemaa el-Fna (pictured). It is the heart of this magnificent city, buzzing with its artists, storytellers, snake charmers & street sellers.


Marrakesh is the fourth largest city in Morocco. A former imperial city with a population just under 1 million, it is a one-of-a-kind vacation destination. We cannot wait for you to explore this magnificent city with us!

What To Expect In Marrakesh


In Marrakesh, you’ll hear a flurry of languages including French, Arabic, and Berber. English is common anywhere touristy, but it’s definitely handy to know a few words of French.


Morocco uses Dirhams. One US Dollar will get you about 10 of them. When it comes to spending money, carry cash and expect to haggle in the markets.


Marrakesh is warm all year. Average temps are around 77 F in March but it does get chilly at night! Be sure to bring a jacket and scarves for the evening. 


Morocco is a Muslim country, so you’ll quickly notice some cultural differences. We recommend packing lightweight clothing for the hot summer afternoons and some long sleeves for the cooler evenings. Marrakesh is used to westerners, but keep in mind your attire for some of the more conservative areas. 

In town, ladies should consider longer skirts or dresses. Carry a scarf or wrap to cover your shoulders if needed. You will be treated with more respect if you are dressed more conservative. At the hotels, you can dress however you like (bikinis included).


Men should try covering their shoulders as well. Shorts & tees are fine. 



When you’re interacting with people, remember that the left hand is considered unclean so people always use their right hands for interactions and eating. Also, if you’re there on a weekend, it’s good to know that Fridays are holy days so some things are closed.


Things to do during your trip 


Jardin Majorelle

Glamping in the Agafy Desert

Jemaa el-Fnaa

Koutoubia Mosque

Day Trip to Ouzoud 

2Day/ 1Night to Ouarzazate & Ait Benhaddou

Tuesday Berber Market 


Explore the Jewish Quarter

Camel Excursion

Desert ATV Tours

The Hammam at La Mamounia

Cactus Thiemann

Sidecar Tour

Day Trip to Essaouira

Cooking Classes

Shop the Souk

Ben Youssef Madrasa

Le Jardin Secret

Bahia Palace


Hot Air Balloon 

Musée Yves Saint Laurent

High Tea at the

Royal Mansour

Saadian Tombs