A Full Guide

Download a full guide here. It includes packing tips, transportation & shopping! It was curated by our wonderful wedding planner, MarocSensations.

(**Ps. Do not forget your converters**)

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Have questions? Need a guide?

Need Hair & Make Up?

Have Questions?

 Contact Our Wedding Planner

Questions about wedding details or logistics? Contact our wonderful wedding planner, Hind Akrime. 


Need Hair or Make Up?

Make Up & Hair Options

Need a hair stylist or make-up artist before the events? Feel free to reach out to the below contacts for more information on rates:


Need an English Speaking Guide Around the Souk?

Contact My Friend, Omar

(The Souk Expert)

Omar is a charming long time friend of Alexa's. He has a stall (Blue Shop) in the souk but does tours on the side. Book him for an afternoon of expert navigating the town.


whatsapp: +212 626-018923


Need a Driver?

Contact a Car Service

Need to arrange transportation, or a private driver? Contact the service below especially if you plan to travel somewhere remote; the driver will wait for you as you explore for the day.


whatsapp +212 661-153248



Need to find a Caftan or Djelleba?

 Find your Henna Outfit

Need to find your own Caftan or Djellaba  for June 8th? Shop before and you can find some options on etsy or wait and get an authentic option from the Souk! Drop google maps pin on this road!

Souk Semmarines

Marrakech VILLE 

N : 97 Semmarines

Want a Vogue-Ready Photoshoot?

 Contact a Photographer

Marrakesh is full of vibrant colors & picturesque backgrounds. Get an expert photographer to capture stunning photos for an hour or two. His rates start at $295 USD for an 1 Hour shoot with 30 digital photos or $375 USD for 90 minutes with 45 digital photos.

 Check out his work on Insta: @photographe.wedding.marrakesh

Adil Youri


WhatsApp: +212 679-042528

email: infor@adilyouri.com