The Henna Party
March 28th
Starts at
The Venue



Party Starts at 5 PM 



There will be buses leaving at 4:15 PM from the Hotel to the Henna Party.

The ride is about 45 minutes from the Hotel. 

Taxis are roughly 300 MAD

($30 USD) if you choose your

own transport. 

For the full desert glamping experience, you can  book a luxurious tent for the night & wake up to the beautiful landscape of the Agafay.

Rates approx. $250 / night  Contact here


What to Expect

This is a favorite tradition of the Leibowitz Family. We could not have dreamed of a better place than Morocco for our Henna Party!


Expect a libaicous night full of Moroccan traditions. Think carpets, belly dancers, delicious tangines & maybe a few camels...

Be prepared to dance all night long under the stars!

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What to Wear

We strongly encourage you to keep it authentic. When in Morocco...

Men wear Djellaba. Think a long robe with shorts or pants underneath. Top it off with a Moroccan Fez & some babouche slippers. 

Women wear Caftans. Think long tunic dresses all bedazzled.  Go wild with head pieces & bangles. For footwear, we recommend no stilettos. Because of the terrain wedges, flats & thick heels be easier for dancing.  

If you have time, you can go find your perfect Djellaba or Caftan in the Souk! There are beautiful  & reasonable options to be found for all your awesome pictures.

Otherwise, we will have some at the party to borrow for the night!

Henna Party Inspiration to get you excited:

The Wedding
March 30th

Starts at
The Venue


Km 6, Route de Barrage.
"Cherifia" Marrakech

Located just 15 minutes from the Medina.




There will be buses leaving at 5:30 PM from the Hotel to the Wedding. 

What to Wear

This is the more formal of the two parties. 

The attire is desert chic. 

Interpret this how you choose, just know the weather will be perfectly temperate in March. 

Men, no tuxedos needed. Cocktail attire.

Think lighter fabrics for the warm weather! 

Women,  just look fabulous.

Think bright & fun dresses (long or short) &  jumpsuits.

Some of the wedding will be outside,  plan shoes accordingly.

Pictures of the Venue: