Our Story

400 Camels


We bet many of you are wondering why our website is 400camels.com. Well, it is a funny story that started 5 years ago.

Alexa was on a family trip to Spain & Morocco. While in shopping in Tangier, her mom (Brigitte) came across an amazing bag stall. Brigitte was quick to start the bargaining. Negotiations escalated and the man told Brigitte that she could have the bag plus 200 camels in exchange for her daughter!

Alexa's mom quickly refused. She said "that was simply not enough". She came back with  "600 camels"  to which he replied "300". They landed on 400 camels which stuck as the price.


As you could guess, the deal never went through... 

Alexa would later retell the funny encounter to Benjamin. They joked that it would be her reverse-dowry some day...

A few months into their relationship, Benjamin and Alexa were out to a romantic dinner. Benjamin paused, he wanted to tell her something, but he couldn't decide if the time was right. He blurted out "You really are worth 400 camels..."


Alexa later realized that this was his way of saying  "I love you" for the first time...

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Our Engagement

Benjamin & I always dreamed of faraway places. We made it a habit to explore whenever we could. We love collecting new experiences & sharing those wanderlust moments with one another

Since we started dating, Peru was always one of those destinations that we spoke about. We would fantasize about Machu Picchu & all the wonderful excursions we could do. After many years of discussing the trip, Benjamin & I finally booked it! We planned the itinerary together for many months, though Benjamin secretly planned his own surprise.

The day of our 4 year anniversary, we arrived in the Sacred Valley. Benjamin originally had a fully orchestrated plan, but fate threw him a small snafu during our layover in Bogata. The damned luggage truck decided to drive right into the plane engine!

Benjamin was disappointed but came up with a "Plan B" quickly. When we arrived the next day, he suggested we go to the famous Maras Salt Ponds.


The landscape looked like another world. It was a truly magical setting. And while walking out on the narrow paths, Benjamin got down on one knee. He proceeds to ask “Will you spend the rest of your life with me? Will you marry me?”


My breath was taken away and I went weak at the knees (which was slightly dangerous on such a narrow path). But made the easiest decision of my life… I said “Yes & Yes”.  


We floated on cloud nine all trip. Both literally & figuratively! 

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